Sergio shows you how he plays in this page so you can see some of his music and performance.  Enjoy ...♪
This video, "La Realidad", is taken in Glendale California, the most recent Sergio's work with very famous Chilean music group, "Wired Sessions".
He and Ruben Ortiz, a member of  "Sajama" and his good friend, play very popular Latina musical instruments there. He plays the "charango " and Ruben plays the pan flute in this video.  Clicking the picture below takes you to the video he plays with "Wired Sessions". 

Wired Sessions ft. Juanito Ayala - La Realidad

FireShot Capture 046 - (19) Wired Sessio
If you want to see more of his performance, please click "Sergio Villegas Playing @ YouTube" and subscribe his YouTube Channel.  Thank you♪

Fitx & Friends Show at McCullen Theater

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